Technical Characteristics

The focus of our strategy is a qualitative growth and the steady modernization of our fleet. Since the MV CEMSEA was commissioned in 1995, BALTRADER has continuously expanded its fleet. Currently ten selfdischarging cement carriers are operated in the fleet. These closed systems offer our customers decisive advantages in the transport of cement, ground granulated blast furnaced slag and dry fly ash:

  • Clean loading and unloading since cement dust is avoided
  • No contamination or clumping of the cargo due to water ingress or cargo residues
  • Loading and unloading unaffected by weather as a result of closed loading and discharging systems
  • Ability to plan accurately and ensure punctual delivery

With the acquisition of MV CEMISLE in 2009, the largest ship to date at about 6750 t (DWCC) was integrated into the fleet. The average age of all BALTRADER ships is 8,7 years after conversion.