02.10.2014 - Baltrader launches a new website

www.baltrader.com – Expertise in cement logistics
Hamburg – BALTRADER Capital GmbH & Co. KG, which belongs to the BRISE Group, has just launched a user-friendly and well-organized website. The precise, topic-oriented layout takes users to the content they need with just a few clicks. Numerous visualization elements assist visitors with the navigation.

Responsive design allows the website to automatically adapt to a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone, making the search for relevant information about cement logistics simple and intuitive. The highlight is the certified CO2 calculator that connects to a database to calculate nautical miles for cement transport. BALTRADER customers will have the option to make individual voyages climate neutral by purchasing Gold Standard carbon credits.

The advantages of specialized self-extinguishing cement ships are presented in an animation under the navigation point “Baltrader Concept”. The engineering firm Ulrich Reuter from Rotenburg, which specializes in technical animation, was commissioned to produce it. The management consultancy Newport Asset Finance GmbH, Hamburg, was commissioned with the concept, web design, implementation and project management.